Friday, September 28th


Registration 17.00 - 18.00
Technical meeting 19.00
Saturday, September 29th

Qualifications men, women

Isolation zone open 6.00
Route demonstration, men 6.00
Qualifications men 8.00
Route demonstration, women 11.00
Qualifications women 13.00

Semi-finals women, men

Isolation zone open 18.00
Isolation zone closed 19.00
Route preview women 19.40
Route preview smeri men 19.50
Semi-finals women, men 20.00
after observation women, 2 climbers stay in second transit zone
after observation men, 2 climbers stay in transit zone
Sunday, September 30th

Finals men and women

Isolation zone open 15.00
Isolation zone closed 16.45
Presentation of finalists and route preview men, women 17.45
Finals men and women 18.00
Winning ceremony (after finals)
NOTE: after observation 2 climbers (men) stay in transit zone.

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