Thursday, November 9th
19.00Lecture: Adam Ondra
Cineplexx Kranj
Friday, November 10th
17.00 - 18.00Registration
18.30Technical meeting
Saturday, November 11th
8.00Men Lead qualification
9.00–16.00Workshops for children
13.00Women Lead Qualification
Mini Olympic Games with Foksi
13.00–16.00Climbing challenge “strong fingers”
Climbing film: Wide Boyz
20.00Men & Women Lead Semi-Finals
Sunday, November 12th
16.00Short films: The Block, Boys in the Bugs, Our wonderful nature – The common Chameleon
16.45Introducing the finalists and route observation
16.55Opening Ceremony with acrobatic spectacle
17.00Lead Finals: Men, then Women (Awarding Ceremony After Finals)

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